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For over 200 years the Cardome Centre has served a prominent position in the historical, cultural, and social development of Scott County. In the new millennium Cardome Centre will continue to be the jewel of Georgetown and a “dear home” to all. We hope that you will consider the Cardome Centre for your next event.

Cardome Centre History:

The history of the Cardome Community Centre site can be divided into four basic phases: the earliest years, the Chambers/Robinson years, the Academy years, and the present. Each phase is an interesting story in its own right, and all attest to the fact that Cardome has always held a prominent position in Scott County history.

The Earliest Years:

Included several migratory Indian tribes, including Choctaw, Mingo, and Shawnee, who referred to the area as “Elkhorn Country.”

The Chambers/Robinson Years:

From 1774 to 1896 there were many people who owned the Cardome property. Many of those families were prominent figures in Georgetown College history and their descendants remain so today.

The Academy Years:

1896 to 1987; Sisters of Visitation, a religious order founded in France in 1610.

The Present:

It is hoped that the present and future of Cardome will be as illustrious as its past and that it will continue to provide a “dear home” both sensitive and responsive to the needs of future generations.